Friday, March 28, 2014

A worldview in 250 words or less

Where can my words find a home in this cyber world already bombarded with ideas and thoughts about anything and everything under the sun?  Is there a home for what I want to pen?  What tribe would want to follow what my heart is telling me to share?

Whatever it is, it will have to be short, concise, to the point and easy to read.  The word count is important as people’s attention spans cannot rest upon anything as there are so many other words from other places that tug and pull away at our frenetic minds.

What has our life become, five-minute sound bites? 

How condescending of me to think that what I have say, in 250 words or less, will not only hold interest but have impact!

Where is the contemplative, the meditative, the expressing of prolonged thought?  Is this now a foreign concept in our social-media swirl?

Can we no longer hold on to words the way we used to hold on to favourite books?  Where is the cherishing and the turning down of our souls as we reflect upon the meaning?

Have our devotions become a quick scan down facebook images finding the right inspiration on which to start our day?   

Can we carve the time to sit, in stillness, opening our mind and heart, our whole being? Spending time to breathe and to savour the simplicity of the moment while stilling our thoughts so that our soul can hear His quiet whisper once again.

This is an assignment done for my writing class.  I would love to hear your thoughts on life being reduced to sound-bites!


  1. Maria: This is thought-provoking. I just finished reading, "Doing the Right Thing" by Scott Rae. It's based on a documentary by Charles Colson. It talks about our Christian world view and the actions of the world.

    1. It sounds like an interesting book! I have often thought, wondering, how many of us do use facebook like this ~ as a quick devotion based on an image. Blessings, Maria

  2. I enjoyed your concise post, Maria. I believe many people DO use Facebook as their morning devotional. My morning routine begins with quiet time and reading from several devotionals and my Bible. However, I normally post scriptures from my reading on my Facebook profile. Several people seem to rely on what I post as their "inspiration" for the day. It's sad that we've become a scannable society. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone took the time to relax in the back yard for an hour every day with a Good Book? :)

    1. Thanks Brenda for your comments today. I know, it's kind of sad that our inspiration comes this way but I know God will use whatever to touch people's hearts. But I'm with you, I love the quiet devotional time with actual bible in hand and of course, pen and paper ready to jot down thoughts and prayers which I also love to share with others.